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G. Project: Submarine Fluid Mechanics

Introduction: This project was more mechanical than civil application which was a fresh idea in my opinion. In the start, we were deciding to study either Turbine or airflow, but we had an issue of finding a more practical object to use and we didn’t have any other systems to compare against. We finally decided… Continue reading G. Project: Submarine Fluid Mechanics

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Great Pyramid of Giza

INTRODUCTION The great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is still remained intact for many generations. It is an interesting structure to discuss because of how long it is standing through everyday forces, such as wind force and any disasters. Most structures in our age need maintenance in a… Continue reading Great Pyramid of Giza

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Geology to Civil Engineering

In reality, all Civil Engineering work involve earth and its features. In Geology, they identify the origin of the earth, materials, and natural forces that effect earth on a daily basis. However, Civil Engineering relies on Geology on some important information that Engineers use to build such as, materials used, forces on the materials and Natural disasters.… Continue reading Geology to Civil Engineering

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I.Project: Dams Fluid Mechanics

I didn’t have anything in mind to write about so, I decided to write a summary about the project I just finished. The project mainly focuses on the differences between a Trapezoidal Dams and a Rectangular Dams. Relating Fluid Mechanics to the structural aspect to be easier to build and economic structure. The goal for any… Continue reading I.Project: Dams Fluid Mechanics

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Structure: Skyscraper

Designing a Skyscraper is one of the biggest dreams of many Structural Engineers around the world. It is both difficult and challenging to design a great Skyscraper to withstand daily forces internally and externally. Before designing a Skyscraper, a lot of physics has to be included to increase its life span. In the past, it… Continue reading Structure: Skyscraper