Stress relief

As I started my freshman year in engineering major the stress wasn’t that bad. However, as you go by the ladder to sophomore then to junior you start feeling that the stress starts building up and a lot of expectation from your professors. Some people in engineering would stop in sophomore because they can’t handle the pressure to seek other less stressful majors. But, I learned from my experience in engineering that you have to take a break from what you are doing or you will just hate it. By taking a break I mean finding a stress relief that you like to do. There are many ways to relief your stress such as, hanging out, playing video games and going to the gym. Although stress relief is very important for our mental health, there is a price to pay that is called “Time Management“. As engineer, if you depend fully on your stress relief activities it becomes more of an obstacle and a distraction to your studies. To fully take advantage of your stress reliefs, you have to time manage your activities and studies to become a successful engineering student.


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