Reflection: So Far

So far in our Fluids Mechanics class we are approaching the middle of the semester. As we just finished our first midterm. We learned a lot of interesting stuff from Fluid Statics to Bernoulli equations. I have to admit that thermodynamics class last semester wasn’t that interesting ,but Fluids Mechanics class is getting to be an interesting class thanks to Prof. Ferrar explanations. Bernoulli equation has to my favorite equation so far as you can derive different equations such as, Head loss, Stagnation and the pressure drop. Fluids Statics is simple enough that it becomes less interesting and the easiest to solve. That all may change because we still have another half of learning to have.


3 thoughts on “Reflection: So Far

  1. I agree, in thermodynamics I did not find any of that material interesting in any way at all. I think the topics covered in this class are a lot more interesting since they are so much easier to relate to real life. Bernoulli is also my favorite equation, I seem to grasp the concept of that pretty easily.


  2. Bernoulli seems to be everyone’s favorite! Impressive that you find it so easy though; I’m still struggling to make sure I understand every aspect and sometimes concepts seem to slip through my fingers.


  3. I have to agree in saying that the Bernoulli principle is a very interesting concept. After learning the basics of this equation I began to see this being used in all sorts of applications. I can also agree that thermodynamics was not an interesting class at all. I don’t know if it was because of the way it was taught, or if it was just the subject matter it self. I seem to enjoy what we have learned so far in fluids a lot more then what I have learned in thermodynamics.


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