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Reflection: So Far 2

My reflection is mainly on the second exam of Fluids Mechanics. To be honest, I expected the exam to be much harder than the last one, but the exam was simple and less complicated than what we had in first one. I agree the time wasn’t enough to complete the first exam and its much improved as i ended finishing every question on time. Thankfully, I took many exams down the road that I do much better with high pressure (No pun intended). Also, I hope this format continues through the final exam because the format really benefits the people who know how to use the equations and understand the concepts without making it too complicated.


4 thoughts on “Reflection: So Far 2

  1. I very much agree with you on how you view this exam! Hopefully the final is in a similar format. It seems like Dr. Ferrar figured out that we’re significantly slower at solving problems than he thought we were hahaha.


  2. Hahahaha great post, where Dr Ferrar said that calculator weren’t allowed I ask myself how can we do fluid exam without calculator, but once I started solving the problems I didn’t see no major calculations that required calculator. I was an interesting exam.


  3. I hope the final has a similar format too, because this exam I finished about 10 minutes early compared to the last exam where I finished 10 minutes after the period. I hope you received a good grade on the second exam!


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