Temple university

Last Blog?

I enjoyed blogging the things I was interested in such as, structure and physics applications mostly. I decided to take a break from blogging for a while because i will travelling in a few weeks and will be busy. I will comeback in few months to write about the travels and more interesting structures that I will see in my way. Ancient structures will be my goal is to travel to see the seven wonders around the world and hopefully get motivated to write about them more in this blog.

Lastly, I want to reflect how blogging helped me through this semester. As my first language is not English, blogging really helped me keep my grammar in check every week and also, for written assignments from my classes in college. I also think that blogging puts your ideas to the public creating discussions between people and making friends online. I learned that boring and interesting blogs topics are very subjective as some people like to read about structures but, does not like to read about cars and complex stuff and the other way around. It all comes to personal taste in the end, some people will like the blogs and others will find it boring as it’s not only one sided.


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