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G. Project: Submarine Fluid Mechanics

Introduction: This project was more mechanical than civil application which was a fresh idea in my opinion. In the start, we were deciding to study either Turbine or airflow, but we had an issue of finding a more practical object to use and we didn’t have any other systems to compare against. We finally decided… Continue reading G. Project: Submarine Fluid Mechanics

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I.Project: Dams Fluid Mechanics

I didn’t have anything in mind to write about so, I decided to write a summary about the project I just finished. The project mainly focuses on the differences between a Trapezoidal Dams and a Rectangular Dams. Relating Fluid Mechanics to the structural aspect to be easier to build and economic structure. The goal for any… Continue reading I.Project: Dams Fluid Mechanics

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Structure: Skyscraper

Designing a Skyscraper is one of the biggest dreams of many Structural Engineers around the world. It is both difficult and challenging to design a great Skyscraper to withstand daily forces internally and externally. Before designing a Skyscraper, a lot of physics has to be included to increase its life span. In the past, it… Continue reading Structure: Skyscraper